I’m gushing over this families fall images.  Kind of to the point that I want to edit my own family into them.

We had a last minute change of location (literally… we’re talking I was driving to the original spot and got a phone call).  They were running a little late so asked if I thought we could shoot on their land.  I pulled in and immediately spotted this open area under a huge tree full of these yellow flowers.  God, you’re just too good at what you do sometimes.  Is that even a thing?  Everything fell into place and I got to chase this gorgeous family around for about an hour before the sun dipped completely below the horizon and vanished.

Oklahoma in the fall.  Sometimes it’s a bust because of our lack of rain, but sometimes God just reaches down and gives us touches of things like this.




These two are my very own little sweet-cheeked twin girls.

When they  made me a momma 2 years ago I had no idea how my life would change.  Everyone told me throughout my pregnancy that babies change you… and twins, well, you can never prepare yourself for that, but like every pregnant momma you don’t truly understand any of those words until you start walking in your new mommy shoes.

These two have rocked my world.  They are a thousand percent energy from the instant their little eyes open until I force them to go to bed at night.  They are enthusiastic, love each other to their complete fullest capabilities, and leave nothing untouched by the end of the day.

I should stop sometime and tell you what life with Twins is really like, but for now, just a few recent shots of my big girls.





It’s always a sign when your baby starts walking at 10 months old that you’re probably going to have your hands full.  And well, momma, I’m pretty sure you’ve got your hands full with this little man.

I LOVE photography this sweet little man!  I’ve gotten to cuddle his sweet cheeks as a newborn, chase him around and roll on the ground as a 6 month old and now we sat on tree stumps and walked through tall grass with bundles of balloons (which the grass decided to pop them all for us) as a full fledged one year old.  It’s awesome to me how these sweet little Grow With Me clients become like my own little babies.  I just love them so!

Happy First Birthday Hudson man!!





My memories with this girl go back to college.  Freezing to death during pre-rush week of our sorority house because our room was a sub-Arctic temperature in there.  Watching every single episode of the O.C. all in one week because we’re addicts like that. (it’s her fault. she introduced me). Flying out to Vegas to stay with she and her husband while I attended a photography conference.  I have so many memories with this girl.

But now, I have a new favorite memory with her.  The moment she officially changed her little boy’s name to match her own.  I’ve never been more proud as I stood and watched this family of two become an official family of three.

Cody & Erin, I love your little man and every inch of his amazing rolls.  Welcome to the roller coaster ride otherwise known as parenthood!


“A child born to another woman calls me mom.  The depth of the tragedy and the magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me.”  – Jody Landers