Oh, this girl.  I could say so many amazing things about her.

A few years ago I photographed her for her Senior pictures and recently photographed her younger sister for her Senior pictures as well.  Her family is by far the sweetest family around.  They’re the kind of family you want to squeeze yourself into because they’re just that great.

When her fiance emailed me a few months ago and told me he would be proposing to Hannah, I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement.  Truth be told, Hannah and I had been texting back and forth about her younger sister’s outfits for her Senior pictures and the topic of proposals just happened to come up.  {{eeek!  I was so excited for her!!!}}

So fast-forward about a month and we’re back to the part where her fiance, David, emailed me.  Evidently Hannah mentioned along the way that she wanted me to be there to photograph their engagement whenever it happened, so David, who was planning the absolute best proposal, wanted me there.  Done.


Ya’ll.  Seriously.  As Hannah pulled up (to what she thought was just her picking up David to go out to dinner) I had tears in my eyes.  It was absolutely perfect. Memory upon memory upon memory was strung between the trees.  Lights criss-crossed the photographs in the trees  and their path ended at a tree swing David made for them to hang on their front porch with the initial B engraved in the back.

I stood across the pond snapping the whole thing and just brimmed with excitement as David slowly lowered himself on one knee.  It was absolutely perfect.


To add sprinkles to the absolutely perfect cake, David and Hannah walked as the newly engaged couple up to the house where Hannah was surprised with about 50 of their closest friends and family members.


Guys, I’m so so excited for your future and everything that is in store for you both.  You are each amazing individually, and only that much better when put together. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!!



Little Adam was the cuddliest baby I’ve photographed in awhile.  He slept like a dream and rocked his newborn session like an awesome 11 day old baby.  He was a champ.

The more I photograph sweet, new, little bundles, the more in awe I am of these tiny little creatures.  Their smell.  Their tiny fingers and toes.  I just love them to pieces.  But not only are they amazing, but I get to spend so much time with the new moms and dads that I really get to know them.  I love leaving with new friends (and more baby snuggle time when I come back for their premiere!!!)

Here are a few of my favorites from little man’s session.

ALP_7292ALP_7324 copyALP_7331bwALP_7483

This little handsome nugget is one of my Grow With Me babies so I’ll get to see him grow up over these next 365 days and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!


I’m so excited to share with you pieces of my new branding face-lift that have taken place over the last week or so.  If you’ve visited my site much you’ve probably noticed small tweaks here and there, but for everyone else, I wanted to show off this gorgeous new look that is Allison Lee Photo.

Look up above.  Yep.  Up there.  A new LOGO.  This little beauty is simple, clean and elegant.  I love everything about her.

FB - Profile Image

Now social media.  Oh, social media.  As a marketer, I have a very love hate relationship with it.  The love part though is how much customization you have (on certain platforms).  My Facebook and Instagram pages are a direct extension of my brand.  When you visit any of my pages, the main goal is to always know where you are and who’s stuff you’re looking at.  After all, that is why we have brands in the first place.

FB - Cover Photo 1

If you visit my Facebook page or website, you’ll also see lots of pretty buttons that link you to some of my other social media platforms.

I’m loving everything about this new look.  EVERYTHING.  Honestly, sometimes I just pull up my pages to look.  I know, it’s strange, but I do.  Don’t judge.

Tell me what you think.  Do you like the new ALP look??


Demery is a Senior at Union High School in Tulsa and a (super awesome) member of the Varsity Cheer Squad.  She’s one of those girls you meet that you automatically know you want to become best friends with.  She’s quiet at first, but within minutes you’re laughing and acting as if you’ve known each other for a lifetime.  She’s the kind of girl we all want in our lives.

For her session we did a little bit of an urban look before I took her to one of my favorite spots for some fun sunset pictures.  Weeellll, every event has a story and ours ended with (an unknown at the time) infestation of chiggers.  Lesson learned.  Those things are not friendly little creatures.

ALP_6246 copyALP_6411 copyALP_6277 copyALP_6159 copyALP_6460 copyALP_6272 copyALP_6396 copyALP_6477 copy10percent